Saturday, 14 November 2015

Strategikon III

Saturday was spent playing wargames and chatting about military history at Strategikon - a small scale gaming day organized by a local historical wargaming club: Stadin Strategit. It was great to play a few games, see others in action and chat with friends, all in a cozy cottage by the seaside.

The battle of Czarnowo being fought using Command & Colours - a popular rules set at the club

There was a bring & buy - I couldn't resist getting GMTs "The Napoleonic Wars" for only 5 euros

A demo game of a 15mm ancients system being developed by some club members

Republican Romans...

... against Macedonians

Platoon level skirmish from the Battle of the Bulge

A naval game of the Battle of Vyborg Bay 1790

W1815 - a "15 minute" wargame of the battle of Waterloo designed by a club mate

W1815 is simple, elegant, fast, yet profound. I really like the game, although I lost once again (haven't won a single game with the French so far).

I also ran a demo / test game of my own 1631 wargame. It's an operational level game of the Swedish intervention in the Thirty Years War in 1631. The game will hopefully be published next year and is going through final developmental stages. More on that later.

My 1631 game in action - the Imperial side won this time around, as the Swedes alienate all their would-be allies.

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