Bolt Action scenario: Ramelle 1944

A ragtag group of US Rangers and Airborne have been thrown together to defend an intact bridge across the Merderet river at the small Normandy town of Ramelle. Faced with a counter-attack from overwhelming forces of 2. SS Panzerdivision “Das Reich”, the desperate defenders must hold out until relieved.

US Forces

Captain with 2 subordinates
Infantry squad of 8 men
Infantry squad of 8 men
HMG team
Bazooka team
Bazooka team
Sniper team

All the US units are Veterans and benefit from the additional special rules: Fanatics, Tank Hunters

German Forces

Wave 1                                                    
Infantry squad of 10 men                            
Infantry squad of 10 men                            
Infantry squad of 10 men                            
Panzer IV                                                  
Panzer IV

Wave 2
Infantry squad of 10 men in SdKfz 251/1
Infantry squad of 10 men in SdKfz 251/1
Panzerschreck team in SdKfz 251/10
HMG team in Opel truck
Wespe self-propelled artillery

All German units are Veterans and benefit from the additional special rule: Fanatics

(note that you can play the scenario without the transports, in which case you should allow Wave 2 reserves an extra 12" movement when they arrive)



First, the US player secretly marks the location of his two demolition charges (see special rules). This can be done on a separate map, writing down their co-ordinates or any other suitable method.

Next the German player deploys their first wave.

Finally, the US player deploys his forces anywhere within his deployment zone. The US forces start the game hidden and each unit may be in Ambush.


The German objective is to capture the bridge. If a turn ends so that German forces are within 3” of the bridge and no US units are within 3” of the bridge, the Germans win. If the game ends before this happens, the US player wins.

If the bridge is detonated (see special rules below) the game is a draw.

If the "Private Ryan" model (see special rules below) is eliminated, the US player can’t win – at best he can score a draw in case the Germans don’t capture the bridge.

Game duration

The game lasts for a variable number of turns. At the end of turn 7 and any subsequent turns roll a die: on the roll of 4-6 play another turn.

Special rules

The Alamo:                        One building adjacent to the bridge and on the opposite side of the river from the German deployment zone is designated as the Alamo. US units that are ordered to advance or run towards the Alamo pass their command check automatically. They must move as fast and as directly as the command and terrain allows towards the Alamo.

A unit inside the Alamo may blow up the bridge if they pass a successful command check (need to roll even if no pin markers). The bridge can only be blown up if no US units remain on the German bank of the river or on the bridge. Blowing up the bridge results in a draw.

Demolition charges:          The US player may secretly mark down two points where demolition charges have been laid. Each demolition charge may be blown up during an enemy’s action in the same way that an Ambush action is resolved.

When blown up, select a single enemy unit which, if within 3” of the demolition charge, takes a light howitzer hit (hitting vehicles on top armour).

Private Ryan:                    The US player must secretly mark a single miniature (taking a photo is the best way) to be Private Ryan. If this miniature is removed as a casualty, then the US player can’t win – the best they can get is a draw in case they manage to hold the bridge. The miniature chosen can’t be the captain.             

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