Wednesday, 18 March 2015

First post

Here we go. After long deliberation and much procrastination I have finally got around to setting this blog up. This is the logical next step, given that I've been actively posting pictures of my toy soldiers and stories of their exploits on various forums for many years now. I intend to continue this trend via this blog.

As a quick introduction, I'm an avid war gamer from Finland. I've been playing various miniature and board games for some 15+ years. Nowadays it's mostly historical stuff: Napoleonics (Black Powder), World War 2 (Bolt Action, Flames of War) and US Civil War (Altar of Freedom, Longstreet). A period that I am particularly interested in is the 17th century and especially the Thirty Years War. This is a period I study professionally and for which I am creating a board game. I'll be sure to let you know how that goes.

So that this first post doesn't become an intimidating wall of text (as my rants are wont to do), I'll finish here and post some pictures of my 15mm Napoleonic French. They'll be fielded in the weekend's Black Powder game at our club (, which will kick off our 1812 Russian campaign.

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