Sunday, 22 November 2015

Clubhouse inauguration

Nopat & Taktiikka's (Dice & Tactics) new clubhouse was inaugurated yesterday in a spectacular fashion. We had some 50 visitors, 6 different demo games and a "bring and buy" market. It was nice to see that a lot of new people had come to check out the club and I think a few of these will be joining our club in the near future.

The games being run were Flames of War, Saga (on two tables), Dropzone commander, Infinity, Bolt Action and W1815 (a board game of the Battle of Waterloo). I think that especially the spectacular looking and easy to approach games of Dropzone commander, Infinity and Bolt Action drew participants.

Flames of War

Dropzone commander



Bolt Action

Second game of Saga

Some of our club's active members were also thanked for their contributions. Tommi was made a "knight of dice and tactics" in recognition for organizing Infinity events and activating the gaming community in this regard. Teemu was elevated to the status of "honorary fellow of dice and tactics" for having been active in organizing campaigns (Saga, Hail Caesar), demo games and all sorts of other club related events.

Tommi accepting his reward

Teemu beaming at becoming one of the fellows
The day of gaming was continued with a club Christmas party in the evening. This included sauna, drinks, good conversation and more gaming. No photos of this unfortunately :)


  1. Well, I have a few pictures. Do you want the have picture where you enjoy a cold drink? :)

    Here is a picture of one game at Xmas party:

    1. There's always someone with a camera. It's probably best for everyone if we leave those pics unpublished. ;)