Saturday, 17 October 2015

Project Württemberg - part 2

I managed to paint up more Württembergers for our recent Smolensk and Loubino games. This second group is the (3rd) Light Brigade of the Royal Army of Württemberg, commanded by Generalmajor Felix von Brüsselle in 1812.

The Light Brigade was an elite formation, which had won great renown in the 1807 and 1809 campaigns and would continue on a path of glory during 1812. The Brigade comprised of two light infantry battalions and two jäger battalions, who were lavishly equipped with rifled muskets and rifled carbines. The brigade was well led, highly motivated and experienced, which is why it was used for numerous tough light infantry missions such as clearing enemy from difficult terrain, conducting river crossings, outflanking the enemy, and acting as flank security / rearguards. Because of these special missions, the brigade was frequently teamed up with Württemberg light cavalry and horse artillery for a truly mobile, elite and hard hitting task force.

The 3rd Light Brigade

Generalmajor von Brüsselle - I don't know what kind of uniform the general actually wore, but I chose to go with green to tie him better with the troops he leads

The 1st and 2nd Light Infantry Battalions

The 1st and 2nd Foot Jäger Battalions

The miniatures are once again from AB. I ordered too few and may end up painting some more to field the jäger battalions as 6 bases and to have some light infantry bases with skirmishers so that they can be fielded in skirmish formation also.


  1. Looking good! These forces are perfect for our upcoming battle of Abensberg 1809.

    1. Thanks Andy. We'll definitely be playing some of those 1809 games with these forces... hopefully soon.