Sunday, 18 October 2015

"Bitter winter" Soviets

I dug up some of my old winter themed Soviets for Flames of War and gave them a makeover. The force represents a worn down forward detachment in the winter of 1943-44. This is a ramshackle force combining old, new, Soviet and looted German equipment. The force has suffered from great attrition and is fighting just to survive the bitter winter conditions. 

Soviet armour

Four KV-85 heavy tanks

Two looted German panzers

Five T-34/85s

Two Katyushas
A Razvedki (reonnaissance) platoon mounted in captured hanomags

Battalion command - notice the bear that has been mustered to carry a crate of vodka bottles (the bear is pissed off, just like the rest of the battalion, due to not being allowed to hibernate)

Tank-rider company. These boys must hitch a ride on the back of the tanks.

Close-up of the infantry
This force was originally speed-painted for a winter themed tournament three years ago. With air support, the force was over 1800 points. I'll probably be using these guys again in our "winter" tournament next January. I might be adding some mortars to bring the force to 1750 points (without the air support). I also need to add a few jeeps for the commanders.

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