Friday, 25 September 2015

We come from the land of the ice and snow

I finally got the chance to take some pics of my Viking warband, which I finished painting for last week's Saga tournament. The warband consists of a warlord, 12 hearthguard, 16 bondi and 12 levy archers. The miniatures are all from Foundry. I really like the individuality and character of these models and also prefer the "old school" slightly bulky style. I also have a dislike for plastic miniatures :P

Vikings loved to display their wealth and wear bright, gaudy clothes. I tried to convey this by making the minis quite colourful. The hearthguard are all clad in chainmail and given slightly richer and brighter colours and jewelry to distinguish them from the rest. At the opposite end of the scale, I dulled down the colours of the archers and used plainer colours such as white, grey and green on their clothes. The basing is meant to place my warriors on a summer raid in some lush coastal region - maybe Ireland or the southern coast of England.

I'm pretty excited about this project and although I now have a complete 6 point warband for Saga, I'll be expanding the collection to give me alternate options and to enable me to play games of Lion Rampant and maybe even larger battles using Hail Caesar.

Jarl Einar and 4 bondi

6 hearthguard

6 more hearthguard

6 bondi

6 more bondi

6 levy archers

6 more levy archers

Group shot


  1. Excellent! Jaakko, we actually played one HC game on vikings & saxons: Benfleet. It was very nice. As a team we have plenty of miniatures (You, me, Mikko, Marko, Sami H., Clubs figs (from Sami K.) ... If you'd like to plan a a game based on a historical scenario? Brunanburgh? Clondarf with all these Irish popping up?

    1. Lets see where things go. A HC game somewhere down the line would be great. Maybe this could be incorporated as part of our upcoming campaign, with a 2 vs 2 matchup or something similar.