Friday, 25 September 2015

The one whose name shan't be spoken

I visited the Finnish National Gallery (Ateneum), which was running an exhibition called "The Magic North." I was so inspired by some of the romanticized mythological art that I wanted to incorporate this into my Viking project. It didn't take me long to dig up and old GW Fen Beast model and throw some paint on it.

The one whose name shan't be spoken

This monster could represent a troll or maybe a "näkki" - an evil water spirit. Whatever it is, you should steer well clear of it. I don't know if this thing will ever feature in a wargame, but who knows. Maybe I'll give the upcoming Dragon Rampant rules a try or fight a Viking adventure scenario using Lord of the Rings rules.

Vikings fend off the beast

Below is the picture that inspired me to paint this miniature, Theodore Kittelsen's "Water sprite", plus other Nordic masterpieces.

Theodore Kittelsen "Water sprite"

Theodore Kittelsen "Sea serpent"

Gerhard Munthe "Åsmund goes up to the door of the mountain"

Akseli Gallen-Kallela "Joukahainen goes to war"

Akseli Gallen-Kallela "Defending the Sampo"

Carl Larsson "Midwinter's sacrifice"


  1. Nice twist! Could well be included in ones viking army as a " brother we never talk about" .

  2. Jaakko, I have "Gods & Mortals" -game (Osprey) in my shelf. There you play with a faction (vikings, greeks, Celts, egyptians) including mortal men & heroes + gods and creatures of legends. "Näkki" would fit in there perfectly. I also have a Norse God Thor -model and Valkyria and so forth.

    1. Cool! It might be nice to try this out as a one-off narrative driven game.