Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Rekindling the flames

For the first time in a long while, I played a game of Flames of War. And what a game it was!

We played the Fighting Withdrawal scenario, with a Romanian infantry force falling attempting to stall my attacking SS Panzers. The game was very intense, with my Panzers supported by mechanized infantry advancing aggressively along both flanks. At first things went really well, with the Romanians reacting to my actions and suffering significant casualties. This prompted the Romanians to make a desperate counter-attack in the centre, which really swung the game for them and put me in dire straits. However, the SS pulled through and on the eleventh hour I managed to rout their forces and seize the objectives. The game went from high point to high point and was only decided on the last roll of the dice of the last turn. This was Flames of War at its best!

Germans advance along both flanks

The lead panzer advances on the objective - only to be blown apart by Romanian artillery

The most brutal fighting took place in the large central woods

Romanian heavy AT guns

My stuka really pulled its weight in this game

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