Wednesday, 17 August 2016

South Bay Game Club

After a recent move to California, I haven't had much time to tinker with miniatures. Things are starting to settle down though, which means I've been able to open up my hobby "travel set", paint a few minis and, naturally, order new ones. Last weekend I was happy to pay a visit to the local South Bay Game Club. The club meets about once a month at a local church, where a number of different games are run. This time there were about 25-30 people present and five games: a Napoleonic naval game, a WW2 fighter game, a Mare Nostrum board game, a skirmish game between French Foreign Legion and Mexicans, as well as a large Saga game. I played Saga, which was a practice game of a Battle of Hastings demo to be run at Pacificon in a few weeks time.

I had a great time! The locals are very open and friendly, and I had a great time chatting about all manner of topics. These guys definitely appreciate historical gaming as much as I do. The game was fun as well, with some spectacular (and funny) moments. In the end, the Anglo-Saxons managed to counter the Norman's cavalry charge, slay William the Bastard and win the day!

The venue - a Lutheran church

A  54-60 mm game of Foreign Legion vs. Mexicans

The Foreign Legion seemed to be holding their own

Napoleonic naval action

Aerial combat in the Pacific

Norman knights

William the Bastard

The Bastard is cut down

There was also a good looking Bring & Buy section at the venue


  1. Looks cool! No terrain on the Saga-game?

    1. This was practice for a re-fight of the Battle of Hastings, which would be run for new gamers. I think the GM wanted to keep things simple, plus there wasn't that much terrain at Hastings, except for the ridge. Besides, we can't have some pesky terrain hindering the Norman cavalry now can we? ;)