Sunday, 29 May 2016

Star Wars Armada: The Empire Strikes Back

I managed to squeeze in another game of Star Wars Armada last night. This time we had more ships, and now I was the "old hand" showing my friend how the game works. The game was a straightforward "free for all" between the two fleets. The Rebel fleet, consisting of two Nebulon B frigates, a Corelian cruiser and four squadrons of X-wings, had been collecting supplies at a remote star system when it ran into an Imperial force of two Star Destroyers, 6 squadrons of Tie Figthers and two squadrons of Tie Bombers.

The Rebels started the battle by advancing rapidly and confidently. The Corelian corvette in the centre sped towards the hulking Star Destroyers at maximum speed. The Nebulon B frigate on its left advanced more slowly while the one on its right fanned to the right, starting a wide flanking manoeuvre. The Star Destroyers advanced slowly while the swarms of Tie Fighters hovered nearby, ready to speed towards the enemy.

The Rebel's were soon to realize the folly of their battle plan, as the corvette came within range of both of the Star Destroyers short-range turbolasers. The devastating volleys raked the small ship, which rapidly lost its shields and started taking critical hits. The captain of the corvette panicked and veered to the right. This her second mistake, as the manoeuvre kept the small ship exposed to the withering fire for what seemed an eternity. Smelling blood, the two squadrons of Tie Bombers raced forward to finish their prey. A few proton torpedoes was all it took, and the rebel ship was no more.

The other flights of Tie Fighters also sped forward to engage the X-Wings. The Nebulon B frigates opened fire against the Star Destroyers and dropped some of their shields. However, the fire was too sporadic to have much of an effect.

The Star Destroyers now turned their attention against the frigate that had advanced more slowly on the Rebel left. Once again, the concentrated Imperial fire was devastating. The Rebel ship passed between the two hulking behemoths, which pounded it from either side. The frigate floated on a little further, when it was suddenly wracked with internal explosions from its overheating reactors. Not many of the crew made it to their escape pods.

The Star Destroyers started to turn about cumbersomely, as the remaining Rebel frigate came about on their rear. The manoeuvre brought the lumbering ships dangerously close and a crash seemed imminent. Claxons begun blaring and junior crew on the command deck exchanged nervous glances. Soon the danger passed though, and the Star Destroyers were re-aligned to take on the remaining Rebel ship. However, the Rebels had had enough of a beating for one day. With laser blasts whizzing by, the Rebel captain engaged his hyper drive. The battle was over.

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