Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Project Württemberg - part 3

There's nothing quite like a deadline to get one's creative juices flowing. Last weekend we gamed the Battle of Borodino, which prompted me to finally finish the Württemberg infantry that had been standing on my desk for months. I'll provide a full AAR of the battle later, but for now, I give you Generalmajor von Koch's 2nd brigade of the 25th (Württemberg) infantry division. The brigade consists of two battalions of Württemberg's 2nd line regiment "Herzog Wilhelm" and two battalions of 6th line regiment "Kronprinz".

The 2nd brigade
Generalmajor von Koch

2nd regiment "Herzog Wilhelm"

6th regiment "Kronprinz"

I still have some Württemburg artillery and light cavalry to paint, but that's the last of the infantry (at least for now - I might paint some skirmishers for the battalions). These have been fun to paint: the miniatures from AB are awesome and it's nice to have named regiments that are distinguished by their flags and uniforms.


  1. Great work on these Wurttemberg troops. I am working on a similar force for 25th Division for Black Powder. Just wondering what size bases you use?
    Many thanks
    Richard P

    1. Thanks Richard. I have either 3 minis on a 30x15mm base or 6 minis on a 30x30mm base. The AB minis are 18mm scale.