Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Normandy village

Today's club night was dedicated to terrain making. I had recently purchased a load of 4Ground's fantastic pre-painted Normandy buildings, which we set to gluing together. At the end of the evening we had put together seven small buildings and half of a larger set. This still left us with several smaller buildings and another larger set to complete.

I've got to say that the buildings are fantastic. The little details can be a bit laborious, but in the end I think they are definitely worth it. I particularly like the ruined buildings. The buildings might see a bit more love in the form of some furniture, posters, etc., but on the whole, I think that as they are this new terrain collection will definitely add to the level of our games.

Assembly process

Construction magic taking place

The evening's results

Ruined house with an MDF bead added

Another house that has been hit by artillery

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