Thursday, 9 April 2015

Bolt Action: Waffen SS

Over the fall and winter one of my main projects has been to put together an army for Bolt Action. I've had a bunch of Warlord Games' excellent Waffen SS miniatures lying in my cupboard for ages, and the Bolt Action mania that has been raging at our club was the perfect motivator for me to put them together.

I quite like the varied and personalized feel of the metal range provided by Warlord Games and I tried to get the force even more motley by painting them with a mixture of summer and autumn oakleaf parkas with some fieldgrey thrown in. The force is heavily equipped with MG42s, STG 44s and panzerfausts and is fully mechanized, as befits these elite troops.

Fire and movement

About every third guy has got a panzerfaust

The designated AT-guy (probably the newest replacement)

Who needs an assault rifle when he's got a knife and a bad attitude

MG42 team

Sniper and panzerschreck

Forward observer. I need to redo the (failed) splintermuster camo at some point.

Two Panzers are surely better than one?


Three hanomags. I painted the "doorknocker" SdKfz 251/10 to give my boys more punch when fighting in urban areas

The full force
I still have two squads of infantry and some support weapons to paint. However, with competing projects piling up, we'll see when I finally get around to these.


  1. Very nice collection you have there. What's next army?

  2. We'll see. Right now I'm not so focused on any one project and instead painting units I've got lying around based on what the current heat is. Major games tend to focus my efforts, so I'll probably soon start painting Frenchies for the summer's Waterloo game.